Hostel Stiftsgården Skellefteå

Hostel accommodations at Stiftgården are located in the west wing. There are 22 beds in 14 rooms (8 double rooms and 6 single rooms) with shared WCs and showers.

In the hostel you pay by the bed. You can choose whether or not you want to bring your own sheets, make your own breakfast or do your own cleaning up. But we can do these things for you, if you like (see prices below). We also offer free parking and selfcatering facilities.


For members of HI (Hostelling International):
Single room:  SEK 290
Double room: SEK 480

For others:
Single room: SEK 350
Double room: SEK 590

Breakfast: SEK 100
Bed linens: SEK 80
Clean up: SEK 220

Bike rental: SEK 60


Information and hostel reservations: +46 910 72 57 00.

You can also make a booking by emailing

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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